In Ecclesiastes 4:9 it says, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” That is the heartbeat here at our church, and is the calling of God on our lives as we move forward into the future. On this CARD, you’ll see that there are many opportunities for you to invest as we move forward into the promises God has for our Church. It is vital for you to know that your personal gifts are invested into the body of Lighthouse and will be connected to a soul. As you partner with others in serving, you are allowing God to use you to reach our communities for His Kingdom.

There are three steps that we would like everyone who calls Lighthouse their home to walk through:

1) PRAY - That the Lord would make it clear where you are called to invest.

2) SIGN UP - Make your way to the lobby where you can sign up to join the team. Or click HERE to sign up online.

3) SERVE - start serving with the team you've invested in and use your gifts to fill our world with the character and ministry of Jesus.

We encourage you to take that step of faith as our church reaches out to our world.