12-week Bible Study

Wednesday class starts: August 30, 2017  //  7P

Sunday class starts: September 3, 2017   //  8:30A

In covering the historical background of the church at Ephesus we discover people very much like us today and the words spoken to them just as relevant to our lives as to theirs. This New Testament book explains the transformation that has taken place in us as Christ followers who were once darkness, but who are now light in the Lord. Teaching us dependance on the Holy Spirit in order to live worthy of the calling we have received in our church community, in our relationships and in our work situations, it also covers the reality of prayer and spiritual warfare in the life of the believer. Ephesians is a book every follower of Christ should be familiar with, so join us!

Cost of materials is $10

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Registration ends August 30.

Immunity to change


Wednesday class starts: June 7, 2017  //  7P

Sunday class starts: June 11, 2017   //  8A

Registration for this class is currently closed.

Are you ready to break through where you have been stuck?

Are you aware of the competing commitments that serve you to be inconsistent?

Do you know the "good reasons" that have kept you from moving forward in health?

For those that would like to have additional resources during the class, you can purchase "Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization" & "Right Weight, Right Mind" both by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. They are both available at Amazon.com

(these books are not a requirement to take the class)

Starting point

8 Weeks  //  Sundays at 8:30A

Cost of Materials is $20

Registration for this class is currently closed.

Starting Point is a conversational, small group environment where people can explore faith and experience community. Its a safe place to ask questions and learn about the Bible and Christianity. Whether you are curious, have just begun a relationship with God or have some experience but still need to grow, this is a great next step. 

SP curriculum is available in both English & Spanish.  For more information on starting or joining a group, click HERE



Glimpses of Grace in the Old Testament

Wednesday class starts: August 19, 2017  //  7P

Sunday class starts: April 23, 2017   //  8:30A

Join pastor Michele Telfer as she focuses on the lives of different Old Testament characters. In each we see a glimpse of God's grace that is entirely relevant to our own lives and our walk with the Lord today.

Cost of materials is $10

Registration for this class is currently closed.

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The journey

This 10 week class is designed to deepen your understanding of God's ways in a simple but profound manner, helping equip you for your journey. The cost of materials is $20.


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Conquer Series

This 5 week class is designed to bring awareness regarding the temptations of sexual sin in our society. This series is for men, women, and teens who want to strenghthen their lives, as well as receive training to help others . This current class is now closed but watch for more opportunities soon! 


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Emotionally healthy spirituality

This 8 week study outlines the journey and signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality. It provides seven biblical, reality-tested ways to break through to the revolutionary life Christ meant for you to live- In the combination of emotional health and contemplative spirituality.

EHS curriculum is available in both English & in Spanish. 

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